Shut up, Larry.
Literally everyone who watches Orange is the New Black (via empress-of-derp)

so i just carved out my mold piece, now i’m gonna bake it and when it’s cool i’m going to make the resin mold for it!

i’ve baked clay before so this is whatever, but actually making a mold and then actually using resin is something i did once in highschool and it’s not super hard but i royally fucked up because of all the damn bubbles

if there are too many bubbles maybe it will be a waterstone rather than a thunder stone haha

firmscaldinghandshake replied to your post: “I just bought resin/hardener, mold builder, release spray, cups,…”:

Whatcha making

Well I’m thinking maybe a Thunderstone. I just need some sharpies to dye my resin.



figuring out complicated designs in perspective doesnt have to make you mad so here is good tips to keep in mind. can be used for all kinds of things

Bloody brilliant. Thank you!



ive been seeing a ton of character creator stuff going around on tumblr and i wanted to make my own! so here you go, one with eye color, hair length, hair color, height, weight, clothing style, emotions, poses, and species

feel free to pick and choose if you dont like a catagory, an option you got, or if one doesnt make sense (aka if you get the pose “on one knee” and the species “mermaid”)

have fun guys, and if you draw a character using this, tag it with “marcharcreator”, id love to see it! reblogs are also really appreciated. enjoy!

hey guys, i made this yesterday, have fun using it and please reblog :D

I just bought resin/hardener, mold builder, release spray, cups, popsicle sticks, brushes, and glittery gold card stock






"Nickelodeon Nostalgia" by NAS Storyboard Artist Aaron Austin

I’ve been at Nickelodeon for about 3 months now, and I wanted to make something that paid homage to the Nickelodeon cartoons I grew up with. It’s amazing how much a cartoon can mean to you even after so many years. I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to help create shows for today’s kids!” -Aaron

An awesome piece by Aaron!

What’s the one with the book? I cant remember